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Fine Art Weddings on
Film + Super 8



Ana & Alex in the Scottish Highlands

In the middle of the highlands on the Isle of Skye this past August, I spent time with Alex and Ana as we captured their love on 35mm, 120mm, and Super 8mm film. Sunlight in their eyes; wind in their hair; sheep poop on their shoes—nothing could stop them from relishing in this moment together.

Listen: Mexico, The Staves

My life's joy is using artistry and relationships to tell stories. The imagery I create is a direct result of partnerships rooted in both trust and a willingness to let go of expectations.

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I live and work on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, and on land attributed to the Brant Tract Treaty of 1797. I am actively committed to bettering the spaces I occupy, while acknowledging and divesting from my own whiteness. 

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