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A lot of people know me as Gillian, but my nickname is close to my heart.

I'm Gillie Bird.

Through my teenage and university years I was always the one with the digital camera on her wrist, uploading countless Facebook albums of hilarious, unedited photos. I began travelling the world when I lived in Brussels for a year; there, I became more intentional about the images I was taking and eventually developed a keen interest in analog photography. Many summers spent in France and all over Canada have allowed me to reach this point as a photographer: capturing love stories wherever my cameras bring me.

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Weddings should be a true reflection of your values as a couple.

Your wedding memories should feel tangible and real.

Outside of photography, I'm an educator, writer, and researcher. Regardless of the context—photography or education—I am constantly meeting and building relationships with people who are undeniably committed to bettering the spaces they occupy.

the wedding experience

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Now, I capture the timeless images that document your legacy,

Both of my Grandfathers were avid photographers, which resulted in beautiful images being preserved and passed through generations of my family. I absolutely love flipping through family heirloom albums and helping my parents scan such important prints.

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 We felt so at ease with you and it felt like we were getting photographed by a friend.

I wanted to let you know that we are so happy with our images. We had so many compliments from family about how easily you were able to photograph them. You made our day so much easier; thank you!

- Margaux & Chris

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the wedding experience

I live and work on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, and on land attributed to the Brant Tract Treaty of 1797. I am actively committed to bettering the spaces I occupy, while acknowledging and divesting from my own whiteness. 

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